3 Tricks to Make Sex Hotter without Having Actual Sex!

Whenever great sex is mentioned, people always seem to be assuming penetration is involved, one way or the other. Yes, penetrative sex can be outstanding; but did you also know there are many non-penetrative techniques that still count as sexual experiences?

Having sex based on foreplay techniques and tips can be a rather unique way to meet your erotic desires. With the arousal created and your imagination turned up; your sexy sessions don’t always have to revolve around penetration, and yes, you will still get the same amount of pleasure and orgasm count.

Here are three exceptional ways on how to have non-penetrative sex and enjoy every last bit of it!  

Give Kunyaza a Go

'Kunyaza’ represents a technique which involves building a clitoral orgasm by simply rubbing your penis against it. The practice involves using both circular and up-and-down motion, and stimulating flicks against the clitoris (not too many; though, the clitoris is quite sensitive!) to create a proper erotic excitement.

According to sex experts, this simple tip will amplify the pleasure for both you and your partner/date and the longer you go for it, the more rewarding the end orgasm will be.

The Power of Non-penetrative Toys

Sex toys can be beneficial for a number of reasons during sex- you can stimulate your woman with them; you can stimulate yourself; and as it turns out, you don’t even have to engage in penetration to use them. There are many non-penetrative sex toys available, such as Tenga eggs, massaging vibrators and nipple stimulators.

That said, using non-penetrative sex toys doesn’t mean you don’t have to use any lubricant. To the contrary, combining non-penetrative toys and lubricant can only boost your pleasure and enjoyment and make your experience feel as close to actual sex as possible.

A Personalised Sexy Experience

One way to enjoy the merits that come with non-penetrative sex is to actually let the mood take control over your adventure. Namely, play some sensual music, get some drinks and snacks, and sit opposite your date or partner.

You can take your clothes off if you want; touch whenever you feel like it, and talk while at it, too! In addition, you can heat things up by initiating some double-masturbation and enjoy watching each other climax. You are also welcome to move things to other parts of your home; like the shower, the back yard, or even your balcony. Tease your hearts out, you deserve it!

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