How to Bypass These 5 Awkward Escort Date Moments?

On one hand, escort dating is designed to meet all of your desires and expectations. On the other hand, dating an escort is still just dating, and in dating, certain uncomfortable moments are bound to happen.

When it comes to sharing your bed with an escort, unfortunate situations have been known to happen to many clients.

But, worry not, as we have the perfect guide to help you overcome various sex mishaps that are potentially getting in the way of your perfect escort experience.

1. Premature Orgasms

No escort client enjoys orgasmic earlier than intended during his date. Too much excitement can oftentimes cause a premature orgasm, or it could be that you haven’t been intimate with a woman in a while. No matter the case, you can save the situation by simply masturbating ahead of your date or asking your escort to take things slow(er). 

Paying for your escort date doesn’t actually mean that you have the full go-ahead to do just about anything in bed. Let’s not forget that consent and sex go hand in hand, whether you are dating an escort or any other woman. To ensure you get your escort’s consent, you will have to discuss your ideas and fantasies and come up with a concept that equally pleases both sides. Don’t forget- a ‘no’ will always mean ‘no’, so be respectful of your escort’s boundaries and ground rules. 

3. Hygiene

One of the issues most escorts face when dating clients is poor hygiene. Of course, sometimes your body produces odours you never saw coming. If that happens, try to explain to your escort that it is just your body’s response and ask if you can have a shower before getting to bed. While it is not the most pleasant conversation to have, hygiene matters a lot to escorts, and your safest option is being honest as well as eager to work on the problem.

4. Kinks

Again, kinks are one of those topics you will have to discuss with your escort before-time. Escorts are not strangers to kinks and have many clients who enjoy them. However, some kinks don’t work for some escorts, so the best way to clear the air is to be upfront about what you want. Should your escort agree to your ideas, communicate the experience as you go along and ensure she is, too, enjoying your favourite fetish play.

5. Weird Noises

If you are a ‘screamer’ during sex or your bed is downright squeaky, no worries, weird noises have always been a part of sex. Now, to beat the awkwardness of the moment is to have a sense of humour about it. Banged your head by mistake? Grunted a bot louder than intended? It doesn’t matter, laugh it off and keep going. 

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