5 Escort Secrets to Learn from Your High-End Date!

What does it take to make an escort date work? What are the ground-rules to the ideal escort rendezvous experience?

Most times, men turn for advice to former clients, and while that is completely okay, in reality, it is top-class escorts who have all the answers on how to spend a fabulous and professional escort date.

Without jumping around the subject, here are 5 escort pointers to make your booking the most enjoyable yet! 

1. Don’t Hesitate to Speak Your Mind

As most escorts aim to please their clients in any way they want, feel free to be as open with your date as you need be.

Getting into details about your fantasies or date ideas is a completely normal and encouraged thing to do when dating an escort, as it helps your date figure out the best route to your ultimate satisfaction. Keep in mind that your escort is not a mind reader and that no two clients want the same things for their dates, so be generously honest and vocal when speaking your mind.

2. Don’t Make Money a Problem

If you have decided to date an escort, you should be already familiar with the fees and services they offer. Having the price in mind, it is considered rude and inappropriate to try and bargain your booking price and ask for reduced fees.

The last thing any escort wants is to get into conflict regarding money and payment. If you have asked your escort for an extra service during your date, be prepared to add the service to your overall booking cost.

3. Do a Lunchbreak Date

Most escorts don’t say it enough, but lunchbreak dates are the ideal scenario for many clients who are on-the-go or want a different take on their date.

Of course, the majority of clients meet and date escorts over the weekend or in the evenings. However, it seems as though dating during lunchtime is not just far less suspicious but also far more private and discrete arrangement than your typical nocturnal affair.

4. Don’t Be Rude

It has been said a thousand times before but let’s do it one more time for the seats in the back- rudeness and escorting do not go hand in hand! If you are planning on being judgmental towards your escort date or be picky for no good reason, you are likely going to end your date sooner than anticipated.

In all fairness, escorts are there to serve you with the kind of service you wanted, right? So, does your paying for an escort date grant you the right to insult her or be too nosy about her life? Not in the slightest! Manners first, gentlemen. 

5. There’s a Difference…

…in dating various types of escorts. Again, before booking your date, ensure you know what exactly you are getting yourself into. That said, no escort does dating the same, so don’t expect a repeated experience from different girls. If there is an escort who simply knows how to get your juices flowing, just book the Girlfriend Experience and enjoy your prolonged service.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com.au/what-high-end-escorts-can-teach-a-married-man

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