5 Etiquette Rules of Dating an Escort!

Hiring an escort for a personal company or pleasure is one of the best ways to get your dating life back. And while dating an escort is fun and exciting, there are certain etiquette rules that often come with the experience.

Whether you are looking for a dinner date or a private company to hang out with at home or your hotel room, these 5 etiquette rules will help you be the perfect gentleman for your escort.


When showing up for your escort date, you want to look and feel your best. When it comes to looks, escorts appreciate clients who like to dress the part for the date and keep their hygiene in check. Aside from ironing your best attire, you should also want to clip your nail, style your hair, and smell like a million dollars.

Conversation is Important

Most clients book escorts for the sake of company and conversation. Even if you have a raunchy idea in mind, your date should always be rich in topics to discuss. Escorts always come packed with conversation starters and humor, so even if you are not that much of a talker, let your date guide your talk. That said, refrain from having awkward silence during your date as it can kill the mood and vibe of your experience.

No Personal Feelings

Hiring an escort is a business deal that guarantees you pleasure, so it is best you keep your personal life out of it. Getting attached is not a smart move as no one wants drama where there is a clear understanding of what your date entails. And while sharing some parts of your personal life is completely fine, catching feelings is definitely uncalled for.


If your escort date wants to ask you a question, do your best to answer it. The idea behind dating an escort is to be willing to participate in your date in the same measure that your escort does. Escorts usually will spark up a conversation to get to know you better, so don’t take this as her being nosy and don’t get defensive and create unnecessary tension.

Share Your Expectations

Dating an escort doesn’t mean that your date will be able to read your mind. Therefore, let her know what you expect out of your date in a clear manner. If you want a dinner date and a walk around town, say it. If you want to invite her to your hotel room, again, say it. The more open and clear you are on what you want out of your booking, the more easily your escort will be able to provide it.

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