5 Positions to Try If You Did Your Kegels!

Kegel exercises are groundbreaking when it comes to great sex. Equally effective for men and women, Kegels improve your pelvic muscles and bladder control. If done regularly, the male Kegel exercises can also reduce premature ejaculation and make your orgasms stronger.

And given that every man wants his sex life rich, temperate, and explosive, trying to do Kegel exercises might not be the worst thing to try. Have you tried doing them or have been doing them one the clock?

It is time you test your skills with these 5 Kegel-approved sex positions.

1. The Creative Doggy

In this position, have the woman position herself doggy style, with her legs pulled close and resting between your thighs. For deeper penetration and sensation, she can arch back and lean forward on her chest, while her bootie stays lifted in the air. Now, hit the right angle.

2. Feet on Chest

Another great exercise to try if you’ve been doing your Kegels is the feet-on-chest position. Have the woman lie on her back, pull her knees to her chest, and support her feet on yours. If possible, she can lift her feet higher or over your shoulders. The position works great for both of you- you get a nice rub and she gets her G-spot stimulated.

3. The Core Exercise

There are many sex positions that allow you to activate your core, so if your Kegels are on point, you’ll get a mind-blowing orgasm out of the experience. One of our favorite core positions is the man lying on his back, with his knees wide to the sides, while the woman is on top, supporting herself with her hands behind the back, on the bed. Once in position, you can both activate the pelvic muscles and take a ride into the Orgasmville together.

4. The Lotus Motion

While the Lotus is not a new sex position, you can enhance it by playing around with your Kegels. When you get into position (penetration, that is), don’t move for a moment. Instead, focus on doing pulses (also known as Kegel exercises) with your penis and arouse the woman on the inside. As the position is also very intimate and up-close, you’ll get a nice, erotic feel, too.

5. The Double Squeeze

For this position, get into missionary position, but in doing so, keep your legs as pressed together as you can. The woman should also bring her legs closer, and then…well, it is squeeze-and thrust time.

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