5 Things to Consider before Buying Your Escort a Gift!

While not part of the escort booking experience, presenting your date with a nice gift is a habit of many clients. Although gifting your escort is all about showing appreciation for your date, there are certain things to take into consideration before the gifting takes place.

If you truly want to take that extra step for your date and make her feel appreciated, here is an easy-to-follow guide to help teach you the ropes.

1. When in Doubt, Ask

The truth is, most escorts feel awkward about receiving gifts, especially if it is a new client they are dating. Because of that, the proper thing to do before going shopping for gifts is to ask your escort if she minds receiving a gift. Sometimes, an escort might not be as keen on the idea, whether for personal reasons or otherwise. In any case, make sure that your gift won’t be an issue for your date, and steer clear of surprising her with a present just yet.

2. Start Small

If you don’t know your escort enough but still want to give her a token of your appreciation, begin with small gifts. A box of chocolates or flowers make a suitable first-time gift and it won’t be taken with reservations by your date. Once you and your escort get to know each other a bit better, you can move on to choosing more personal gifts for her, but for the time being, something generic, such a spa voucher, should do.

3. Don’t Overspend

There is no doubt that an escort will enjoy a more meaningful gift, but you don’t have to throw in the big bucks to make it happen. Oftentimes, escorts are not fans on pricey gifts, as they are already getting paid for their services. Escorts don’t fancy sending mixed messages, especially money-wise, which is why they avoid expensive gifts in the first place and prefer being paid in full for their service.

4. Keep the Receipt

There is the chance that the gift you buy your escort is not to her taste or is the wrong size (if talking lingerie, shoes, etc.). if you do decide to give your date a present, always keep the receipt in case your escort wants to change the colour or perhaps get a different size. At the end of the day, you want your escort to fall in love with your gift and to put it to good use, right? 

5. Don’t Make It a Rule

Buying your escort a gift should be your personal initiative and not an obligation. As you are already paying your escort for your date, don’t expect your present to result in a special treatment or to provide you with additional, undiscussed perks during your date. If you are not truly excited about gifting your escort, the best thing to do is to avoid shopping for your date at all. Trust me, the best thing you can gift an escort is a nice, juicy tip at the end of your date.

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