5 Ways to Make Condom Sex Super-Hot!

Wearing a condom during sex has become the erotic version of flossing your teeth. Especially when dating an escort or dating casually, wearing a condom is a must-have practice that keeps both parties safe and sound.

However, word has it that condoms sometimes take away from the realistic feel of sex. And while that is true to a degree, wearing a condom is sort of the staple of safe sex, and guess what? Condom sex can be just as enjoyable as non-protection sex.

How so?

Here are 5 ways to boost your sexual experience even with protection on.

When the Condom Feels Rubbery and Uncomfortable…

In sex, there is nothing like skin-on-skin contact, but on occasions when you have to wear a condom, there is a simple way to enjoy this sensation…lube! The truth is, a lubricant can provide just the right amount of arousal and feel as the real deal. To pick the best lube for your tryst, always go for silicone-based formula, as water-based lubes don’t last as much as oil-based lubes can deteriorate the latex.

The Right Position

When wearing a condom, you want to choose the best sex positions to provide you with the arousal and stimulation you need. Some of the most condom-friendly positions include numerous versions of doggy style, as well as the Lotus, the 69, the closed-legs missionary, and the Cowgirl.

Use them on Toys

A very original idea of using condoms to your benefit is using them on your sex toys. This little trick can be very helpful if you are running out of lube or if a toy feels slightly uncomfortable ‘in the nude’. Of course, once all is said and done, you should dispose of the condom used and grab a new one for yourself.

It Feels Safer

According to a survey involving 50 women, using a condom during sex is a great relief in terms of staying healthy and safe. Knowing this, women are more likely to relax and enjoy sex when you come prepared and don’t try to negotiate wearing protection in the first place.

Use It as Foreplay

One way to not hate condoms is to include them as a prop into your foreplay. For instance, you can ask your date to use her lips to apply the condom, or you can try a condom-on blowjob. Trust me, if you have the creativity for it, condoms can be pretty fun to work with!

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