6 Facts about Testosterone and Sexual Health!

Out of them all, testosterone seems to be the leading hormone in charge of male’s sexuality, drive, and wellbeing. Testosterone is a powerful hormone that enables men to feel more vital, healthier and of course, do a great job during sex.

Unfortunately, not much information is provided on how significant testosterone is. So, here are 6 incredible facts on testosterone that you might have not known. 

It Reduces Belly Fat

When lower, testosterone doesn’t have the power to prevent fat deposits in the abdomen. Moreover, studies show that men who have higher testosterone levels in their bodies have smaller bellies. You can spike your testosterone levels with exercise and having more regular sex, or you can do the same with taking supplements. 

Testosterone and Success

Intriguing studies found a correlation between testosterone levels and successful men, noting the higher the hormone the more opulent the man. Younger men tend to waste their testosterone working average-paid jobs, studies find, whereas working on a personal professional goal can cause the hormone levels to rise.

It Shows on the Hands

In boys and men, there is an easy way to tell the presence of testosterone in their bodies by looking at their hands. Namely, in males, the right pointer finger tends to be shorter than the right ring finger. The opposite is more common in females. Scientists say that the higher your testosterone levels are the lower the ratio between these two fingers will be.

It cannot be Measured Precisely

Usually, when men do a testosterone check-up it is though one single test. This can be problematic as not all blood labs provide the same accuracy in findings. And while there has been an initiative to develop a proper test to calculate testosterone levels, experts suggest mend should double-test it, ideally in the mornings. 

It Is Not the Source of Youth

Many men tend to relate testosterone to youthfulness and vitality. However, that is not entirely true, as even men with average levels of testosterone can still manifest sexual desire. At the same time, higher levels of the hormone will increase the libido, sex drive, and will lose you less muscle mass, and that counts for something.

Supplements Won’t Lead to Prostate Cancer

For the longest time, many considered taking testosterone supplements to increase the risk of prostate cancer. Cancer safety aside, taking testosterone can affect groups of men who have heart problems, so it is best to consult a nutritionists and a doctor before taking the hormone on your own. 


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