7 Discreet Signs of Low Testosterone Levels!

As the driving force of your sexual life, testosterone is the one hormone you’d want to keep in check. With age, testosterone levels in men decrease, and the reasons for it can vary, from medical issues to emotional struggles.

In terms of your sex life, low levels of testosterone can harm your natural sex drive, erection girth and overall performance. If your body is low on testosterone, you can notice the decrease through several physical manifestations.

Stay tuned as we list 7 key indications of low testosterone levels in men.

Weak Sex Drive

One of the first things that happen when your testosterone levels crash is a lower sex drive. As testosterone is responsible for keeping your sexually active, you should monitor your desire to have sex with age. If you notice a sudden drop in arousal or a poor mood for sex, it might mean your testosterone levels have reduced.

Erection Issues

Aside from arousal, testosterone is also responsible for keeping your erection strong and active. While testosterone is not the only contributor to a healthy erection, low levels of the hormone can cause certain issues with your girth. Aside from low testosterone, other factors that can contribute to a weaker erection include medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension, high cholesterol, unhealthy habits, stress and thyroid problems. 

Hair Loss

As unrelated as it may sound, testosterone is in charge of various body functions, including hair production. If your hair begins to recede, checking your testosterone levels would be the next logical step to do.


Men who have low testosterone may experience a decrease in energy or sometimes fatigue. If this tiredness offers no other rational explanation, the best thing to do is to get your testosterone levels checked.

Weaker Muscle Mass

Loss of muscle mass, especially if sudden and continuous, can be an indicator that your testosterone levels are low. According to studies, testosterone can have a great impact on your muscle mass but has nothing to do with your physical strength or performance.

Body Fat

If your testosterone levels are low, it might be a sign of excess fats in your system. Namely, men who have increased body fats might develop enlarged breast tissue, which then hurts the production of testosterone and estrogen in men.

Mood Swings

Last but not least, mood swings or sudden escalations in your energy can be a result of low testosterone levels in the body. In addition, related studies note that reduced testosterone can also result in depression, irritability and/or weak focus.

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