Avoid These Mistakes When Giving Oral!

Okay, so you want to improve your oral sex skills. Well, the road there might not be thorny, but realizing you are likely doing a few mistakes already is a good start.

Oral sex is very pleasurable for women, but when done wrong, it can be rather annoying and fruitless. Luckily, instead of going the old route, you can take a whole new approach to your oral sex performance and boost it significantly. The best way to do it?

Avoid These Mistakes When Giving Oral!

Guidance Instead of Encouragement!

We all want the praise of being a good lover. However, before you get there, and especially with oral sex in question, the best way to earn bonus points is to ask for guidance. It would be aimless for your partner to encourage you alone- you actually need to figure out your way around a vagina and clitoris. So, whatever your struggle might be, let your partner direct your next move.

Steadiness and Consistency!

When working the clitoris, whether with your tongue or fingers, always stick around at a steady pace. To awake those delightful 8000+ nerve ends, you will have to keep a solid rhythm and be consistent in your motion. Again, whenever you think your partner could use a chance of pace, switch up the dynamics or feel free to ask for further instructions.

Avoid These Mistakes When Giving Oral: Attention!

How is your partner responding to your performance? Are they moaning and craving for more? Is their body excited by your technique? The body and external gestures can tell you a lot about whether your partner is enjoying what you are doing or not. Usually, women will thrust their hips forward or upwards, and if you let them, they will guide you to where you need to get.

Fingers and Toys!

Aside from stimulating the clitoris you can also include your fingers for penetration and stimulating the G-spot. If your position allows it, you are welcome to bring in a sex toy as well, and you can choose a variety of them- from suckers to massagers and penetrators. While at it, make sure you pay attention to the other erogenous zones, too, such as the nipples, feet, inner thighs and belly button.

Avoid These Mistakes When Giving Oral: The Check In!

After giving your best at oral sex, it is good to check in with your partner to see how else you can improve. Emotional intimacy is just as important as a physical one, and by sharing discussing your sex life, you will be able to grow closer to your partner and learn at the same time.


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