Most Comfortable Backdoor Positions for Women!

One of the many great pleasures of sex is having all kinds of it. If you are an experimenter, you will probably agree that there is something extra special about anal sex and the way it differs from vaginal sex. However, women oftentimes feel uncomfortable around the topic of anal sex, mostly because they heard it would hurt and be unpleasant.

Nevertheless, if your partner is curious about giving it a try, with the proper TLC you can find pleasurable dynamics for both of you. While we are at it, it is good to know that, in anal sex, The backdoor positions you are in is very important for your partner’s comfort. That said, here are the most suitable positions for back-door play! 

Backdoor Positions : Doggy Style!

Kicking off with an oldie but goldie! Doggy style is one of the most enjoyable anal sex positions because it offers penetration control at just the right angle. To make the most of the position, start slowly and let your partner control the tempo and depth. Once deep enough inside, you will stimulate your partner’s A-spot, which can be quite a pleasurable treat for both of you. 


Cowgirl anal might is great for women who enjoy being on top and in charge of the situation. It works as standard, but this time, your partner might have to scoot a bit forward to get into position. If even a slow penetration seems like too much, you can slowly dive into the position with rubbing and grinding. In this position, women are likely to have an orgasm of a sort, so make sure you either use a vibrator during action or stimulate your partner manually.

Backdoor Positions: Butt in the Air!

The butt-lifted missionary version is great for anal play and intimacy. The position could require you to use a pillow under your partner’s hips while you come from the top and slowly. For additional support, you can hold your partner’s butt lifted in the air, and easy your play into the exquisite sensation.  

Backdoor: Spooning!

The spooning position might be the ladies’ favorite as it provides it all- the closeness, the slowness, and comfort. Lie behind your partner and if needed, lift one of her legs. Don’t hurry into penetration, but use lubricant and make the spot super aroused beforehand. If you want to get your partner readier for the fun ahead, why not start by giving them a nice rim job? 


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