A Professional Escort's Profile: What are the Musts

Before becoming a professional escort, every applicant needs to be properly introduced to the musts of seeing clients for professional companionship purposes. Below are some of the key points all escorts need to adopt as part of their professional profile.

More Than a Pretty Face

A beautiful external appearance is fine, but with so many pretty faces out there, escorts need to stand out from the crowd and offer something more. Aside from being beautiful on the outside, escorts should also be wholesome individuals with sufficient skills to provide the service at hand, as well as a mellow and easygoing personality that matches every client's needs. Also, escorts need to be in excellent physical shape and take care of their bodies and have to be dedicated to the services they provide and meticulous in delivering them.

Starting Slow

When it comes to offering a longer service to clients, or even when meeting first-time clients, escorts have to take things slow and take enough time to properly introduce the client to the experience. For the GFE, overnight stays, travelling together, and any longer-form service, escorts might use the initial booking as a way to get to know the client better, learn more about what they like and how the two can develop a stronger bond.

Reputation and Trahnsparency

An escort's profile requires that the professional maintains a stellar reputation among clients and that she is transparent with her services, fees, and other professional details. Transparency also applies to the photos the escort shares of herself, which have to be professionally done and genuine. In terms of reputation, this also refers to the escort earning excellent reviews from clients she has seen before and her outstanding service and performance.

Legality and Discretion

A part of a VIP escort's profile is also her ability to provide the client with discretion and privacy during all their appointments and be able to legally do the job. If the escort is not a native of the country where she offers her services, she needs to have the required paperwork and work permits to offer companionship. Legality also refers to escorts who are based through an agency, which further adds to the quality and safety of the experience.


Escorts need to possess many assets, with flexibility being the key ones. Flexibility, adaptability and adjustability all give escorts the forte of being a client's first pick, especially for those who like to book spontaneously and on short notice. Flexibility refers to the escort's available times during the day, and her ability to travel nationally or internationally.

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