Escort Dating: How to Keep the Spark Alive?

Escort dates provide clients interested in newness and high-quality company many ways to enjoy a variety of services. However, some clients tend to travel often or not be able to meet their escort date ore frequently, which can cause some distance between you two. If you are interested in keeping the spark between you and your escort date ignited- even when not there physically – here are the top ways to do it.

 Book a Phone Call

One of the ways to keep in touch with your favourite escort is to book a phone call service. This type of service enables you to safely date an escort over the phone and communicate with her at all times and for as long as you want, even when not in town or able to meet your date in person. Phone calls can also be done as a regular service and enable clients to further bond with their escort and get flirty anytime they want.

A Video Call

Another way to boost your escort experience at a distance is to book a webcam date, which allows you to spend time with your escort on-camera. Webcam sessions are quite popular among clients, even those who are physically able to meet an escort, as they are all about the visual and craving a different level of pleasure and communication. Your video call date can be a dinner date, a hot and flirty session, or the perfect occasion for spending time in the company of your escort and hang out.

The Spark

One of the things you always want to ensure you have when dating an escort is chemistry. To keep the chemistry alive, you will have to step outside your comfort zone, get creative and of course, be sexy, flirty, and playful. The more you explore your sensual side around an escort, the more you will bond, and the more your escort will be able to meet your needs.


When everything else fails, ensure you and your escort allow yourselves a change of both pace and scenery. Namely, to keep things fun and dynamic, avoid repeating the services you use, and expand your experience by trying something new. You can shop with your escort, attend a show, book a city tour, explore nearby attractions, and spending the weekend together and away. At the end of the day, doing activities with your escort is all about making an effort and being playful.

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