4 Personality Traits to Look for in VIP Escorts!

Elite escorts earn their label with experience and by providing top-notch services. As a level-up type of escort, VIP ladies stand out from the rest in various aspects. In terms of service as well as performance, every elite escort ought to share the same professional values and principles. It’s not just beauty – the elite escort you choose should also be compatible with your needs, personality-wise. There are various traits you should always look for in an escort’s personality. The choice might differ for different clients, but when it comes to common characteristics, here are 4 all elite escorts should offer.

1. Consideration

Consideration plays a huge part in a quality escort date with elite escorts. All VIP dates are considerate with their clients and understanding of both their needs and boundaries. No matter where you draw the line or where you want to experiment, an escort will be considerate of your desires and limitations – and act upon either accordingly. Elite escorts realize that for many clients, it might be their very first escort date, and know that consideration and empathy go a long way for a superb escort service.

2. Respect

If your elite escort is not respectful around you, then you are not looking for a date at the right place. All VIP escort dates are trained to be extra respectful towards their client and ensure they don’t feel uncomfortable in their company or unvalued. Elite escorts ought to know how to treat their clients with mindfulness and validation, and will ensure they never feel discredited.

3. A Sense of Humour

As well as a sense of fun! Escorts who work in elite circles depend on a healthy sense of humour to be more appealing to clients. An escort with a great sense of humour can lighten up any client, room, and vibe. She will know when to crack the right jokes, tease you playfully and let you have your fun as well. Plus, humour makes a superb ice-breaker, so there’s that.

4. A Sense of Adventure

Another thing an elite escort should possess is a sense of adventure. Elite escorts are spontaneous, love parties, and love great food, great clients, and great times. With an elite escort, you can count on experimenting and exploring all aspects of pleasure and can be sure you will never be bored whilst in her company.