Car Sex? Here’s What You Need to Know First!

Having sex in a car might not be your standard scenario, and that is what makes the experience interesting in the first place. For many, car sex is an exhilarating way to spice things up outside the bedroom, and it works like a charm!

At the same time, car sex is much different than doing it on your silky sheets. If you do decide to go for the experience, here are several things to know first. 

Car Sex: Quickies Work Best!

In a car, you don’t have enough space or time to splurge on sexual activities. In other words, whenever you are getting it on in the car, quickies might be the perfect scenario for you. With speed and efficiency in mind, you can make the most of having sex in a car, especially if you only have limited time together or have just scored a hot after-date. 

The Spot is Important!

On one hand, car sex sounds like the most thrilling experience you can try. On the other hand, as exciting as it may be, you still want to find the perfect place for it. Choosing a location for your sexy car activities can be limited, but not impossible to obtain. For instance, you can get the most of your privacy and hotness in a secluded car park, a hillside viewpoint, or the alleys of your local town park. Remember, outdoor sex comes with the risk of exposure and is still illegal, so keep your eyes open for unwanted spectators.

Car Sex: Leg Cramps Can Happen!

In a car, you don’t have the freedom to move the way you want. With limited space at your disposal, you are likely to experience a leg cramp during sex. If you already know you will be getting naughty in your car, make sure you stretch ahead of time, thus preventing undesired injuries or discomforts. Also, if the position you are in is comfortable, you should keep your options open and try more suitable car-sex positions.

Let It Out the Window!

If you are having sex in your car, you should think about using the windows to your advantage. With all the hotness going on inside, chances are you’ll feel stuffy and sweaty sooner rather than later. The solution? Consider opening your windows, thus allowing some air to circulate in the midst of all action. As long as you can keep the moans down, you should benefit a lot from having sex with open windows.

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