Casual Escort Dating: Useful Tips and Making All the Right Moves!

For men everywhere, casual sex has long stood as a practical, pleasurable, and oh-so-desired scenario. And while casual escort dating, hook-up sex is great, booking an escort for your naughty adventures can be even more pleasing, and of course, discreet.

Casual sex with an escort should be all about finding satisfaction, compatible company, and spending an hour or two sweating the stress off in bed. To ensure your casual tryst goes seamlessly, here are some effective tips and benefits to making it work.

Casual Escort Dating: Preparation!

Some of the staples of casual escort sex include preparation and setting the mood. You will have to decide where your date will take place and what your space will look like. In addition, you want to ensure all bedding and towels are clean, and nice music is playing in the background. In addition to creating a casual-sex atmosphere, you also want to think about bringing protection, and other useful props, such as lubricant, disinfectant, and surely, sex toys.  

A Good Host!

Wherever your escort date is taking place, make sure you welcome your company in style. Aside from hygiene and preparation, you also want to think about ordering lunch, dinner, drinks, and snacks. Also, having casual sex with an escort doesn’t mean parting ways once all is said and done. A good host will always offer some cuddling right after, a cup of coffee, or even breakfast. And yes, let’s not forget about being nice and paying the right amount of compliments.

Casual Escort Dating: Let it be Hot!

Booking a casual, sexy date with an escort can be a one-time fun if that is what you want. If that is the case indeed, you should put your best efforts into making the get-together hot. Don’t hold anything back and be your sexiest, best self. Experiment with positions and styles, don’t hold anything back from your performance. Even more, if you want a totally different yet casual and steamy escort experience, think about booking a two-girl fantasy. Mhm. 

Consent is Everything

With an escort, a proper way to spend a sexy afternoon or a steamy night together is to agree on consent. Usually, escorts include the things they are willing to do in bed in their bios. But, even if you want something new and out of the box, having a mutual agreement is the only way to make the experience pleasurable for both of you.


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