A Christmas Foreplay: 5 Tips to Make the Holidays Hotter!

Just in time for Christmas, get your sexy Christmas foreplay game at the highest level and let the festive mood take over! Foreplay can oftentimes turn out to be far sexier than sex itself, so why not end the year on a good note and give your woman exactly what she’s been looking for in bed?

Perfect for lazy mornings or getting naughty during the 12 days of Christmas, we list are 5 foreplay tips to take your set your bedroom ablaze!

A Sexy Movie!

While we all love Christmas movies, finding the sexy genre can actually be a great foreplay hack to explore. Invite your partner for some at-home room service, cozy up under the blanket, get in the nude and let the magic of lust take over!

Christmas foreplay: Dirty Talk!

You might not be a fan of dirty talking yourself, but you definitely like hearing it, right? Well, so does your woman, which is why you need to work on your sexy vocabulary. The best way to do sex talk as a foreplay is to leave subtle notes (or voicemails) indicating the fun, hot things you’re planning to do to your partner in bed.

Trust me, sometimes even a simple ‘Get your ass in bed and don’t move until I’m there’ can get the job done.

Temperature Play!

As a winter holiday, Christmas might urge you to get warmer by your woman’s side. However, using the colder season to experiment with temperature play, you will definitely create a fiery and dynamic foreplay scenario.

From warming up with an erotic massage, to cooling down with ice cubes, a hot-and-cold game will make you the king of foreplay.

Christmas foreplay: A Strip Show!

Ms. Claus is ready to perform and all you have to do is ask for it! Sensual and seductive, a stripping dance can be a great way to spice up your sex life during Christmas. Of course, while your partner might be up for the idea, consider doing a little number of your own as well. Oh yes, no lady can resist a little Magic Mike action!


The thing about foreplay is teasing and being provocative. As a man, one of the best ways to do this is to keep your partner guessing your next move. Will you slap her on the ass? Sure. But, does that mean sex is up next? Not necessarily. As sensually torturing as it might sound, your woman will surely appreciate playing the waiting game.

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