How to Give Her the Best Denial Orgasm?

Orgasm denial is such a sultry and edgy treat for women. If you like playing around the idea of postponing your partner’s orgasm or basically controlling it, know you are in for some hot play ahead. Edging is just as exciting for men and women, but with the latter, denied orgasms can be much more explosive than standard orgasms.

If you want to boost your bedroom play and earn yourself the title of a sex God, here are a few tips to assist you.

Defining Orgasm Denial!

In short-term orgasm edging, you provoke the orgasmic feeling in your partner over a certain period of time, without awarding her with an actual orgasm. You can do this by using a chastity belt, preventing your partner from touching herself. Once granted full control over her genitals, you can play with intensity and touch to hit the right spot.

Orgasm denial are not always related to bondage, so you can still have intimacy while doing it.

Preparation is Key!

Before you even engage in orgasm denial, make sure your partner knows her own triggers and soft spots. For instance, you can try different techniques or teasing kinks, including finger play, circular motion, soft slaps or sucking.

Another way to get there is to have your woman masturbate and touch herself all over, without allowing herself to orgasm.

Orgasm Denial: Dirty Talk!

Can you create an orgasmic sensation through dirty talking her greatest fantasies? Yes.

As a raunchy technique, dirty talk is all about provoking erotic excitement through words. Depending on what works for your partner, you can do both the talking and physical stimulation at once, while still keeping her orgasm under locks.

A Given Number

Before you tire out your partner, agree on how many cycles of arousal you will do before an orgasm happens. Ideally, begin with three cycles of stimulation, cutting the activity short every time an orgasm announces itself.

Orgasm Denial: Bondage!

The thing about bondage is that it really allows you to have total control over your partner’s orgasm. This means that blindfolds, belts, and chains can help you restrain your partner and basically drive her crazy with erotic need.


When engaging in orgasm denial, using toys can help boost things a bit further. For instance, using a vibrating butt plug together with clitoral finger stimulation can create a greater orgasmic vibe.

Don’t be shy to fulfill some of your partner’s deepest desires, too- from double penetration to soft fisting, anything goes in the name of orgasms!


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