Dos and Don’ts for the Best Two-Girl Fantasy Date!

Escort dating enriches your dating and intimate experiences through offering a variety of services for clients to use. Services listed by escorts usually feature different aspects of dating, such as dinner dates and outings. But, if you are looking for a sexier tone for your date, a two-girl fantasy date might be the missing link in your dating life.

Wild, packed on action and dynamics, and oh-so-pleasurable; two-girl fantasy dates are the ultimate service for expanding your dating scope and experience. When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of a proper two-girl fantasy escort date; here is a list of the dos and don’ts to help you to a sublime three-way experience.    

The Dos

  • First and foremost, have fun! You have two beautiful escorts to keep you company and please you, so make the most of it and leave any doubts at the door.
  • Enjoy the attention! With two escorts working hard to satisfy your fantasies and needs, make the most of your time together and don’t be shy about being in the spotlight. 
  • Divide your attention wisely. When dating two escorts at the same time, you need to ensure both ladies get your attention and interest. Even though you might prefer one escort to the other, this is the kind of date to include everyone in the game, and equally so.
  • Pay for your date before it begins. Namely, place all money in a single envelope and set them somewhere discreet for your escorts to count. Aside from paying for your fees upfront, you should also be a proper gentleman and tip well at the end of your date.
  • Prolong the experience. An hour for your two-girl fantasy date might not give you the full picture of the experience. Therefore, most agencies and escorts suggest you book an overnight bisexual date or at least give it two to three hours.
  • Leave some time for after-care and hanging out. Because no one wants to just get in and out of someone’s bed; ensure you spend enough time with your escorts even after all the hotness is said and done.
  • Bring protection, sex toys and lubricant. That’s it.  

The Don’ts

  • Don’t get emotionally involved with any of your dates.
  • Don’t interfere in your escorts’ personal lives and steer clear of asking about their real name; other jobs or their private life.
  • Don’t be selfish or passive. Remember, a two-girl fantasy escort date is all about participating and being the man in charge!
  • Leave a great review. If your escorts are up for it, you should definitely write a great review about your date and praise their skills in a classy and empowering manner. No foul language, please!


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