4 Foreplay Sex Tips: More than Just Penetration!

Foreplay is one of those things we are all aware we need in our sexual lives, but rarely stick through with it. Oftentimes due to the excitement of getting to have sex, many men skip over foreplay and get to business. However, for women, a quality foreplay technique is essential, as it is the root of all sexual pleasure. Think about the last time you had sex and see what comes to mind first. What you’ll realize is that it is not penetration that gets us excited when thinking about sex, but the little things that lead to it.

From hair-pulling to marathon kissing and performing oral, here are 4 spectacular tricks to make your foreplay better than actual sex! 

Foreplay Sex Tips: Time to Make Out!

Believe it or not, kissing can be a sublime trigger that will keep developing that sexual lust you crave. By solely kissing for a longer time, you can excite yourself and your partner, so be as detailed about it as you can. Don’t be shy to kiss with your lips, tongue, and teeth, and to rely on the simple and effective method of sucking, nibbling, and full-on French kissing. Women love kisses and consider them even sexier than sex itself, so the longer you do it, the better response you’ll have.

Stretch It Out!

Foreplay begins far before you hit the bedroom, so don’t hesitate to send out a dirty text or a racy pic during the day. Small sexy promises and talking naughty on the phone will get your partner in a lustful mindset like a charm. Even more, when at home, don’t head to the bedroom at once, but decide to shower together first or cook your favorite meal in the nude. There is so much sexiness outside of penetration sex, you just need to put your creative mind to work!

Foreplay Sex Tips: Getting Wet Together!

No, we don’t mean showering together, although that is a brilliant idea to get things moving. What I am talking about is becoming aroused in the company of your partner, without having them interfere with your way of getting pleasure. Masturbating in front of each other is great for building intimacy, so let your partner see what triggers you in bed, and then, they can do the same for you.

An Erotic Massage!

Erotic massages can be a wonderful tactic to increase the sexual excitement in yourself and your partner. Erotic massages are more than just the feeling of touch and caress and you can easily give your partner one while also initiating penetration. In doing so, keep your penetrations short and periodical, while keeping your main focus on building arousal by stimulating the body.

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