Hottest Halloween Costumes for Two! (vol. 1)

Halloween costumes can turn your sex life upside-down just in time for the season? Let’s get one thing straight, pleasure looks far more alluring under a mask, and there’s no better time to experiment than during the season of spook. Halloween offers you a wide range of ways to boost the quality of your sex life and become your favorite fantasy for the night.

If you are into the kinkier pleasures or want to simply add a new level of sass to the bedroom, here are the best Halloween costumes to guarantee you a steamy after-party in private!

Halloween Costumes: Harley Quinn and the Joker

Are you bad? Are you really, really bad? For all bad boys and bad girls out there, this is the go-to Halloween costume for two. No one is naughtier than the uncontrollable Joker and his mad, delightful lover Harley, so get into character, get into bed and get the party started!

Adam and Eve

A classic, really, Adam and Eve’s story speaks of sin, lust and chemistry. Plus, it doesn’t take much to pull the costumes off, so if you appreciate being in the nude just enough to provoke your date’s imagination, give it a go!

Angel and Devil

This costume plays around the idea of two opposites attracting each other through pure rebellion, chemistry and dare I say, passion? It is up to you to choose who the bad and who the good guy is, but you will definitely find mutual pleasure in dressing up for the parts.

Fifty Shades of Grey

You don’t have to be a fan of the novel to stand for the idea of soft BDSM and a few whips. Ever since it broke social media, the naughty ‘Mr. Grey will see you now’-type of relationship guarantees you a frisky and fiery playtime in the bedroom. Oh, and you can count on looking dapper in a clean white shirt and loose tie, so why not make the most of your role for the night?

Pretty Woman

The red dress. The gloves. The bathtub whispers in your ear. See where I’m going with this? Aside from being one of the hottest stories told in movies, a Julia Roberts-and-Richard Gere affair always works as a bedroom scenario. Plus, you’ll get to treat your date with some elegant room service and some shopping…and she can thank you later between the sheets.

Halloween Costumes: Policeman and Prisoner

Relax, it’s only a game. It’s also Halloween, so why not give one of the greatest fetishes of today a try? You can be a vulnerable prisoner falling for the hot and busty guard’s charm, or you can put yourself in charge-the choice is yours, as is the guarantee of the best Halloween sex yet! And let me tell you, a set of handcuffs and a baton make a win-win scenario for everyone.

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