Hot Games This New Year!

When done right, sexy games can be a great tool to enhance your sex life. An alternative to a classic foreplay, playing dirty games is all about pushing the boundaries while having fun. Let’s steer away from the cheesy games and get to the good stuff, shall we?

Here are 6 Hot Games This New Year! for you and your partner to experiment with.

Hot Games This New Year: Sex Checks!

When it comes to naughty fantasies, one of the ways to make them happen is to play a game of sex checks. Write sexy checks with your partner and use them as a way to ‘cash in’ a sex position or fantasy. If you want, you can write up different-price checks, so the bigger the cost, the riskier the fantasy.

Oh, yes.

Your Own Sex Cards!

Use a deck of cards but turn it into a naughty one, by writing down a different position on each. Whenever in need for some inspiration, pull out a card from the deck (or two!) and put things into motion.

Hot Games This New Year: The Thrill!

This game is all about going the distance and doing sex out of the ordinary. Sex and adrenaline go hand in hand, so take your love life out and about and explore hidden alleys, rooftops, underground bars, car parks and more!


Kamasutra, the art of having sex, can really spice things up in the bedroom and out of it. Kamasutra introduces tantric massages in order to boost sensation so get in the nude and have your partner engage in action. Also great for endurance, Kamasutra positions will get your ready for an all-nighter.

Hot Games This New Year: The Tough One!

No one likes being bossed around and scolded, but a game of push and pull will certainly put your sexual frustration in the limelight. If you like taking charge, play a game of detective/suspect where you interrogate your partner without mercy. Once at the brink of her wits, grab a nice seat and let her have her revenge through sex.

Think Fast

Individually, write down intriguing sex questions you’d otherwise rather not answer. Some questions can be about a sex fantasy- ‘Threesome with a girl or a guy?’, or you can make it more personal ‘Oral or Anal?’ Write about 10 questions each and play a game of ‘Think Fast’ when you provide a quick answer without having the time to think it through. Revealing and steamy, this game will tell you more about your partner than before!


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