How to Swipe an Elite Escort off Her Feet?

In escort dating, most clients seem to be revolved around the idea of their escort pleasing them. And whilst that is the basis of the experience and the booking, usually, in dating, it takes two to tango. Given this fact, a client’s effort during the escort date will be just as relevant as his date’s. From manners to being seduced and treated with respect; escorts appreciate a client who knows how to impress them and meet them halfway.
If you are curious about mastering a skill or two in gentlemanship and rising to the occasion; here is how to dazzle your escort date.

Work on Attraction

If you find your escort date attractive, let her know and feel it. Escorts find it flattering when their clients love the way they look, talk; or behave, as it helps establish greater attraction and develop suitable chemistry between the two. Compliments are one of the ways to praise you escort in any way you please, and you can also get playful and flirty for an extra effect.

Show Confidence and Skill

Not that escorts have problems dating non-confident clients – they actually help them feel more secure with themselves – escorts appreciate a skilled client every once in a while. A confident client will not be egoistic but will feel good about himself, the way he looks, acts and communicated. Confident men love to show off their abilities and escorts love this as it helps break the ice more easily and get comfortable with one another. Remember if you are not sure which route to take, consider the fact that one of the biggest signs of confidence is perpetual eye contact.

A Little Patience Goes a Long Way

Not all clients who date escorts will nail their first, second or even third date. As you are basically strangers you will need time to adjust to one another and develop a solid bond before things begin to evolve. Therefore, it is paramount for clients to be patient and enjoy their escort dates for what they are; without rushing to the intimacy part or forcing the chemistry.

Become a Flirt Master

The art of flirting and seducing is sometimes more fun than the final outcome of it. Being flirty for clients means being playful, a tease; as well as smiling frequently, being in a sassy mood, and showering your escort with praise and compliments.