6 Sensual Tactics to Instantly Improve Your Sex Life!

Improve your sex life with the secret behind brilliant, steamy and sweaty sex is more than just doing it. As a matter of fact, sex is a rich playfield of options, allowing you to fulfill all your desires and explore passion further. Sometimes, sex can be an activity taken for granted, but the truth is, sex can be new and fun each and every time.

If you are keen on experimenting and getting down and dirty, here are some fabulous sex tips to keep your bedroom life alive!

Improve Your Sex Life: Underwear at Home!

Without your partner knowing it, leave your boxers at home and go in the nude before heading out for a date. Encourage your partner to do exactly the same and out of the blue, thus giving yourselves something to think about all night long.

A no-underwear play is a great way to kick off foreplay when out and about, and even if you decide to act upon it, you have easier access nonetheless.

Take Your Toys Out of the Bedroom!

From vibrating panties to butt plugs and metal balls, there are many ways to provoke sexual excitement without having sex. If you like your sex life on the edge, have your partner wear a small vibrator while at a restaurant, with you taking charge over the remote…and her pleasure. Don’t limit this activity to your woman alone, but dare to be wild and wear a butt plug yourself.

Daytime Shenanigans!

Most of us tend to leave sexual activities for nighttime, thus missing out on the fun that is daytime sex. From a quickie in the shower to first-thing-in-the-morning sex, don’t hesitate to drag out your steamy playtime!

The Power of Smell!

Smell and sex are dependent on one another and can definitely boost your experience in bed. Whether it is lighting a few candles, using sensual massage oil or preparing a soothing bubble bath, smell can trigger incredible sensuality in no time.

Improve Your Sex Life: Eye Contact!

Even before you get to the sex part of the foreplay part for that matter, use eye contact as your tool of attraction. A good eye contact speaks volumes about sensuality and eroticism and it never gets old- even if you are with a longtime partner. Go ahead, flirt your heart out.

Post-Orgasm Sex!

For many, orgasms represent the final step in wrapping up good sex, when it doesn’t have to be the case at all. In fact, there is something wildly provocative about orgasming and taking the time to build up that lust and passion all over again. If you find yourself with some time to spare, don’t hesitate to give multiple orgasms a try!

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