Less Sex Means Arguing More, and Here’s Why!

Less Sex Means Arguing More, and Here’s Why!

Many of us have thought about it, and now science has confirmed it, too – attached couples who have less sex, tend to fight more! But, why is it so? While many would blame it on the quality of sex, it is not as plain as it seems. Ultimately, it takes two to a relationship, and the more you have it, the less arguments you’ll go through.

To get deeper into the subject, here are 3 ways in which fighting works against having sex.

1. Thinking of Sex as Just Sex

Once you put a ring on it, many couples struggle with finding their partner desirable for a longer time. The reason this is so is simple…we like to get comfortable. But, as we do get comfortable, we lose track of why sex was exciting, to begin with. Naturally, that very frustration will drive us farther away from having intimacy and will likely turn into a full-blown argument.

Instead of just thinking of it as sex, couples need to understand that this is their way of reconnecting. Intimacy, chemistry, and comfort play a huge role in the bedroom, and without these, you cannot really expect to bond with your partner, sexually or otherwise.

2. Not Making Time for It

It almost sounds as a chore, but it’s this is a reality in many couples’ lives – you have to plant a seed to watch it grow. If you don’t take the time to invest into your relationship, it will probably hurt your emotional one, too. When it comes to couples, scheduling sex may sound dull, but other than the scheduling part, the rest doesn’t have to be dull at all!

This is where you can get creative and think of ways to seduce and charm your partner all over again. The result? A happier partner and a much more serene household.

3. Avoiding Communication

While communication doesn’t necessarily solve itself through sex, the intimacy of making love can contribute to a better understanding. So, don’t think of having it to prevent an argument, but rather use the post-randy feelings as a way to solve your arguments. In other words, get to the it first, and absorb all those happy hormones.

And then, you can sit down and resolve any conflict that’s bothering you or your partner. What’s even better, you just had make-up sex!

A thing to remember here, though, is that playing this card cannot go overboard. Yes, on more occasions than not, you’ll actually have to communicate before you hit the bedroom. And that’s okay.

Source: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/59yke5/why-couples-fight-more-when-theyre-having-less-sex

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