Mistakes in Bed and How to Fix Them!

For the time being, leave self-assurance and confidence to the side and think about it. Have you ever done something wrong in bed, even if unintentionally? Chances are, you have. But, hey, to err is human and sex is no different than any other activity we do.

And while things going south in bed is understandable on occasions, you surely care to learn from your mistakes and grow as a lover. Typically, women will rather stay silent than tell you something’s wrong because they don’t like to overcomplicate things.

Without jumping around the subject, here are 5 mistakes you might be doing in bed without knowing it.

Avoid Pleasure Centers

Women tend to have more than a few erogenous zones, including the feet, neck, nipples, and back. However, many men forget to address these areas and focus on body parts that are less sexually stimulating. The best way to learn whether you are hitting the ‘spot’ is to ask, or at least keep in tune with your partner’s pleasure responses.

Lack of Compliments

Women tend to feel self-conscious about at least one part of their body, whether their belly or rack size. Where men get it wrong, though, is not paying these insecurities the attention they deserve. Lads, if you want your woman relaxed and pumped in bed, complimenting her often will take you a long way.

Alone at the Top

Both women and men enjoy a good woman-on-top position. But, as much as you like your lady taking charge, don’t give up the control entirely. Oftentimes, men can seem demanding with a woman riding them, leaving her overwork herself for your pleasure. Without being selfish, next time, push your hips off the bed and help out. In return, your efforts will be generously awarded.


Anything from dirty talk to nicknames in bed should be discussed with your partner in advance. Not all women agree to be called names, even if we’re talking ‘babe’ and ‘darling’. Pet names like these can be a real turn off in bed because they sound impersonal and perhaps used when you don’t know the woman’s name?! Ah-ah-ah.

The Stare

Okay, we get it, you like looking at vaginas, as do most men. But pushing legs open, getting a full preview and gazing can be quite uncomfortable for many women. Trust me, no one wants to be under the loop as if visiting a gynecologist’s office. Not to say ‘don’t look’, because you can, I am only advising you to apply the art of eye contact more.

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