4 Innovative Oral Sex Positions for Her!

Oral sex is pretty much a self-explanatory act, and sadly, many people consider it to not be as experimental as it seems. Typically, this is so because, in oral sex, we always know what goes where and we have the idea of what it should look like. But, if you are a fan of oral sex, which I am sure you are, you don’t always have to follow the traditional route.

For both men and women, there are many variations that can make oral sex more exciting, new, and fun. So, to help you get a bit more creative when giving or receiving oral, here are 7 new Oral Sex Positions to experiment with.

Oral Sex Positions: Up High-Down Low!

In this position, have your partner take a seat at the top of your sofa or couch. Her butt is placed at the corner of the bed, while one of her legs is placed on the couch armrest, and the other remains on the couch or over the cushions (depending on her flexibility). With her legs fully parted, lie on the bed and bring your face upwards and between her legs. And, go!

The Melted Candle!

For the Melted Candle position, the woman lies on the bed, with her legs thrown over her head, for as far as they go. To avoid crouching and discomfort, place a pillow underneath her butt. Have your partner hold her legs for steadiness, while you kneel in front of her and get ready for feasting. For an additional dose of comfort, allow your partner to lie back on the table and rest her feet in your lap.

Table Manners!

Oral sex can be so much more fun when you bring props into the mix. Pop your partner up on a table, and have her spread her legs wide, with her feet and elbows flat on the table for additional support. If you like your comfort as well, take a chair, have a seat and let your tongue and lips do the talking.

Oral Sex Positions: Two Becomes One!

Lie back on the bed, and have your partner lie atop of you, with her head at your feet and her crotch in front of your face. If she’s positioned too low, ask her to raise her hips and meet your face. If your neck is not as flexible, you can place a pillow under your head for easier access. Once you find the spot, make sure you give her an orgasm to remember.


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