Perfect Your Masturbation with These 5 Tips!

Masturbation doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. However, for men, masturbation is one of the most natural ways of finding emotional and physical relief. Aside from the obvious sexual satisfaction, perfect your masturbation brings along many other health benefits as well.

Nowadays, masturbation is starting to be considered as a necessary and important time spent with yourself. And although you might think you are good at masturbating, there are many ways to improve it. In doing so, you will not only get to know yourself better but will also last longer in bed and be more confident.

Not as straightforward of a practice, here is how you can improve the way you masturbate.

Perfect Your Masturbation: Stroke Pace!

If you masturbate with your hand, finding the ideal rhythm is truly groundbreaking. In terms of masturbation, men tend to ‘speed things up’ and get it over with. However, if you want to master masturbation, you will need to switch your tempo from time to time and find a way to enjoy the slow and faster version of it.

Slow It Down

Instead of rushing towards an orgasm, try to delay the process as much as possible. Prolonging your orgasm can boost your erotic delight and result in a body-shattering and satisfying sensation. With that, try paying attention what your body is saying and go with the flow.

Perfect Your Masturbation: Lubricate!

If you want your masturbation and your orgasms to improve, use a lubricant. A lube is your best friend when masturbating as it increases the comfort, builds up your orgasm slowly and prevents you from suffering a ‘rug burn’. If you are short on lube, you can simply use a moisturizing cream, body oil or coconut oil- they all work magnificently in favor of your orgasm!

Play Ball

When masturbating, most men oftentimes focus only on the penis. But, what about the cojones? Stimulating the balls, whether with gentle pats or soft squeezes is a great way to explore different-level orgasms and enjoy the experience entirely. Be careful not to make your sack play enjoyable rather than intense, and find what feels good.

Perfect Your Masturbation: Prostate!

Much like testicle stimulation, prostate stimulation can lead you to a mind-blowing orgasm. Don’t think of it as taboo, we’re way past that point. Instead, use a finger and massage the spot between your scrotum and anus and absorb the delightful sensation. Want to make it even more interesting? Get a butt plug and find yourself closer to erotic pleasure and further away from self-judgment.


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