4 Ways to Make Scheduled Sex Work for You!

Scheduling sex is not the newest of practices, but even so, there seems to be a certain hesitation that comes with it. For instance, many couples and singles fear that scheduling sex can take away from the spontaneity of the experience; but that is not the case at all.

Experts on sex worldwide agree that scheduling sex can be one of the healthiest practices to keep your intimate life vivid and abundant. Between work, obligations; and leading an on-the-go lifestyle, scheduling sex might be the next great solution to those looking for some balance.

If you never scheduled sex before, here are 4 ways to make it work in your favor!

Book an Escort

A pre-scheduled experience of sorts, booking an escort date is a great way to schedule regular sex adventures. Escorts are dynamic, open to suggestions, and super professional at all times; so scheduling your intimate arrangement will be a breeze.

With an escort, you can schedule your sex date for as long as you want- a few hours, for the whole evening, or even for several consecutive days. As soon as you make your outcall; you can start planning your tryst to detail- and that makes the anticipation all the more exciting.

Scheduled Sex Work: Your Foreplay!

On days when you feel like penetrative sex is a stretch, schedule steamy foreplay instead. Having sex is not always about penis-enters-vagina kind of experience, and there is more to foreplay than meets the eyes.

Scheduling foreplay, even with sex out of the picture; can be a soothing way to connect to your partner or date, without putting too much pressure on having to have sex right at this very moment.

Prepping is Fun!

A great advantage of scheduling sex is that you will have a lot of time to prepare yourself for the occasion. Yes, spontaneous sex is cool and fun; but when you have a sexual adventure to look forward to, you can make sure all aspects of pleasure are involved.

Prepping for your scheduled steamy experience includes grooming, setting the scene, and figuring out how it will all go. Do all those hot things that make you look forward to your date, such as packing up on lube; gathering your favorite role-play costumes, and bringing out fresh new sex toys to get busy with. 

Scheduled Sex Work: Sext Your Reminder!

Before your scheduled date takes place, make room for some pre-calculated teasing. Namely, sexting with your date or partner will serve as a great reminder of what is yet to come. Flirting and dirty talk are also great assets to your virtual foreplay scenario; so try to get the hot mood right way before you hit the bed. 


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