Self-Isolation Dating: How to Do It Right?

So, you have found yourself in self-isolation, with nothing to do. We know, staying in quarantine can take away the pleasure of actual dating, but for those who miss it, EscortCentre is ready to step up to the plate!

As part of the newly arrived situation, the Leeds and Yorkshire escort agency has created two new services that let you have a stellar escort date, even in the digital world.

Presenting (drum rolls, please!)…phone and video call dating!

Going back to the old-school way of dating, phone and video calls can be a fairly entertaining way of dating. In addition, there are many ways you can take your phone or video call date to a whole new way of hotness, and here are 4 options to try when your Self-Isolation Dating!

Self-Isolation Dating: Set the Mood!

Whether you book a phone or video call with your favorite escort, you are still getting ready for a date, so it matters that you set the mood right. If you opt for a video call, here are some tips that can help you recreate a real-life hot scenario.

From dimming the lights in your room to dressing up and dressing down for that matter, creating that sexy environment will kick your date off right! 


This next idea is great for both phone call dates and video call dates where you want to stay behind the camera and watch. There are many spicy things you can do off-camera, such as teasing, creating steamy anticipation, and conversing.  

Self-Isolation Dating: A GIF Narrative!

Thanks to the abundant selection of emojis and GIFs that online platforms offer, you can play a little game of virtual lovemaking. Imagine a sexy scenario you would like to partake in and then recreate it with a bunch of emojis or GIFs, allowing your escort date to guess all your ideas.

A clever tip for doing this is to never be too obvious, so if it is oral pleasure you have in mind, simply send a GIF of someone licking an ice-cream. That should do the trick.

Take Your Date Anywhere!

Just because you are in self-isolation, it doesn’t mean you can’t make your digital escort date thrilling. Tired of your bedroom? Head to the shower and leave the camera on for your date to see! On the phone in your bed? Let your date know what you are wearing and just how much you are thinking about them. Get creative, that’s all we are saying.

Learn more about our exclusive phone and video call date service and call the Leeds and Yorkshire escort agency now!

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