4 Sex Positions for Valentines Day!

How long has it been since you’ve changed things up in the bedroom? Just in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day, bring passion and sexual heat back in style and get ready to claim the good-lover throne! Just like men, women also like changing things up during sex, so if you haven’t been experimental for a while, now’s your chance for a sexy comeback.

Thankfully, sex a wide field of options, so mark February 14 on your calendar and get ready to try these 4 wild Sex Positions for Valentines Day!!

A Single-Person Seesaw!

In this position, the man is on the ground, supporting on his feet and arms. With his butt in the air, the woman comes on top, just low enough to enable penetration without moving. This way, the man can either take full control of how fast he wants to go or be the steady one, allowing his partner to ride him all the way to an orgasm.

4 Sex Positions for Valentines Day: The X!

For this one, both partners lie flat on their backs, with the woman’s legs extended towards the man’s head and vice versa. Once in an X formation, your genitals should touch just right to enable full penetration. Pulling back and forth and holding hands for further support, this position will introduce nuance to your sex life without putting too much effort into it.

The One with the Chair!

If you have an armchair sitting without a purpose, give it a sexy one! To get into the position, ask your partner to bend over the armchair, supporting herself with her arms on the floor. At the same time, and if the armchair is comfortable enough, you can position yourself behind her and enjoy a pure and raw sexual experience. For a bigger effect, you can hold your partner’s hands locked behind her back, thus taking control of the tempo.

Sex Positions for Valentines Day: Lotus!

Created to work on your intimacy and personal connection, the Lotus is a great choice for your sexy Valentine’s Day repertoire. The position requires the man to sit on the bed, keeping the hips wide and the feet connected. Next, the woman takes a seat in the man’s lap, with her legs wrapped around his waist. The Lotus might not be the most dynamic of positions to try, but it’s great when you are looking for a sensual, slow and steamy experience…which is kind of what Valentine’s Day sex is all about.

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