Sex Positions to Instantly Boost Confidence in Bed!

Psst, did you know that the best way to instantly boost confidence in bed is to put yourself in the right position?

On one hand, sex positions serve to kill boredom in the bedroom. On the other, the perfect sex position can get you in a proper mood for lust, romance, and interestingly, self-love.

Although driven by their primal nature, most men don’t know how to trust their performance in bed; and often end up feeling bad about it. However, these super-sexy positions will take you from an uncertain lover to an empowered one in no time!

1. Instantly Boost Confidence in Bed: All On-Top Positions!

Yes, I mean all of them. Being on top might not seem like the best idea when you have low self-confidence; but once you get in the rhythm of it, you won’t be looking back. Something about the top position has always sat well with men who like the more dominant role in sex. Even as the simples on-top position, like missionary, can be highly effective   

Of course, if you feed your soul off your partner being on top, by all means; ask your partner to trade places.  

2. Good Old Doggy Style!

And all its versions, while you are at it. In doggy style, both you and your partner contribute to the rhythm and intensity; which can be a good effort on both parts. Women are generally fans of doggy style, so once you notice her pleasure; you’ll soon get your credit for a job well done.

Doggy style can be done in plenty of other places other than your bed, so to maximize your performance; try the shower or the balcony for a change.

3. Instantly Boost Confidence in Bed: Oral Sex Positions!

When it comes to oral pleasure, you giving it is the best way to go. If you want to truly boost your ego, self-confidence, and overall sex skills, begin with your woman’s pleasure. Giving proper oral sex can be very rewarding when done right and there are many positions to help you get into it.

4. Reverse Cowgirl: A Classic

Men go crazy for the Reverse Cowgirl, so it can’t hurt your confidence, right? The position lets you find a new angle of control during sex while still letting your woman straddle you from the top. When both of you are putting in the effort and working for it; you’ll definitely taste the fruits of your labor in return.


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