10 Ways to Bring Your Sexual Chemistry Back to Life! (vol.1)

One of the most important things to understand about sexual chemistry is that it doesn’t last forever. Especially if you are in a long-term relationship, sexual chemistry can fade in time, making your sex life not as brilliant.

However, as sexual chemistry gets lost along the way, it can also be restored back to what it used to be! For that, you will need to put in the effort, find the time to reconnect and learn a few tricks along the way.

Where to start, you ask? Here are 5 of the 10 greatest tips to help you boost your sexual chemistry all over again.

Play Hard to Get 

Whether in a long-term relationship or not, no one is too happy to have sex available at any time. The truth is, this can turn out to be rather boring and predictable, which is why you’d do great with playing hard to get. It doesn’t matter how much you want to have sex, not giving it all up on demand will make sure your partner is interested, aroused and anticipating the next great sex. Hello, sexual chemistry, you’ve been missed!

Sexual Chemistry: Compliments!

When was the last time you had gifted your partner with a genuine compliment? Rectify your silence and the next time you see them, compliment the way they look, smell or do something specific, like cooking. As small and insignificant as it sounds, complementing each other is a relevant part of maintaining the sexual chemistry and shows you are still attracted to each other.

The Touch-and-Talk!

When everything else fails, try the touching-and-talking technique. Go back to the old days, when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Touch your partner on the face, shoulders, collar bone or anywhere else that sends the inviting sex signal. Make the touches discreet and almost forbidden, and no matter what, always, always maintain that hungry eye contact.

Sexual Chemistry: Flirting!

Sadly, long-term relationships suffer from a lack of flirting. Back in the day, you have probably flirted your way to bed on many occasions, so why not play that role again? Even at home, teasing your partner with a flirty comment can be a direct route to LoversVille. To make it all more interesting, take the flirting sessions out of your house and basically do it anywhere you hang out together.


Being naked around your partner will definitely help spark up their interest, whether it’s sexual or not. From changing in front of them to leaving the shower door open when you’re in it, nakedness is a clear trigger of chemistry, but to make it even hotter, invite your partner to join in on the fun, too!

Source: https://badgirlsbible.com/sexual-chemistry

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