10 Ways to Bring Your Sexual Chemistry Back to Life! (vol.2)

No good relationship works without chemistry. Sexual chemistry, however, is a thing to be constantly worked on, especially in long-term relationships. Of course, having great chemistry in bed always come welcome, but what happens after a few years go by and things are not clicking as they used to anymore?

Well, this is where putting in the effort counts. Just because you are in a committed relationship, it doesn’t mean you should stop working on your spark in bed. How does one do that exactly? Here are 5 more tips to help you go rediscover your long-lost sexual chemistry! 

Sexual Chemistry: Smell Counts!

Scent is a major aphrodisiac, whether perfumed or au natural. Pheromones in our bodies are usually the reason we are attracted to each other in the first place, so make sure you always work those well around your partner. To boost the power of smell, you can experiment with using essential oils, soft perfumes, and sensual aromatic candles, thus stimulating the senses and creating a hot vibe in no time. One thing about to remember when using these products, however, is to never use too much

A Show for Two!

Date nights are great and all, but how long has it been since you had a hot rendezvous just for you two? Do a little something special for your partner and yourself, and book a table to a hot burlesque show. If you are even more open to the idea of sensuality, you can always orchestrate a night at an adult club, and allows yourself to enjoy an hour of sexy dances and, perhaps, a lap dance? 

Sexual Chemistry: Showing Skin!

Much like women like to dress to impress, men should as well. Although it might seem to you that there’s no viable option for you to dress down, there is. Whenever at home, work around the house topless or put on your favorite swimsuit and show your partner what she’s been missing out on. If outside, even the simplest things, like unbuttoning your shirt a bit or loosening your tie sensually, can get your partner’s interest in a jiffy.

Instruct Your Way to Sex Chemistry!

Even if you are not quite there yet, one way to enhance your sexual chemistry is to engage in a little show-and-tell game. It goes like this- get yourself comfortable in bed, in your shower or wherever and instruct your partner to do something sexy for you. From taking a piece of clothing off to sopping her halfway through a chore for some French kissing session, something as simple as ‘Come here..’ can get you both hot and bothered.

Sexual Chemistry: Provocation!

Last but not least, provoking your partner and challenging her sexually can be a great contribution to your sex life. From teasing comments to feeding each other food (erotically!), a little chase foreplay will be worth your while.

Source: https://badgirlsbible.com/sexual-chemistry

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