10 Sexual Foreplay Ideas to Get Away with In Public (vol. 1)

So, you want to color outside the box, huh? A common fantasy really, sending signals of lust in public will get your juices flowing. Not explored enough, public sex plays can be both discreet and hot at the same time.

Fun for long-term and short term relationships, this little kink is doable just about anywhere.

Sure enough, there are plenty of ways to get away with innocent and not-so-innocent public provocation, and here are 6 Sexual Foreplay to try right now!

Experiment with Sexting!

Sexting is probably one of the easiest hacks you can master in public teasing. Let your thoughts flow naturally, and shower your partner with flirty texts wherever you are. At a fancy dinner? Text her to take her panties off in the bathroom. At a party? Make a sassy comment about her lipstick. It’s fun, casual and beyond effective.  

The Power of Touch!

It is interesting to think about how sexy feathery and secret touches are. Leave groping for the comfort of your home, and make sensual touching interesting in public. A slide of your finger across her neck or hand rolling down her leggings, right under that table. I’m telling you, flirting through touches in public is all about getting insanely personal without overdoing it.

Sexual Foreplay: Eye-Contact!

You’ll never learn the power of a riveting stare-down in public until you try it for yourself. Fixing your eyes on your partner in a manner that suggests something hotter can be a certain ticket to hot sex later in the evening. Next time you’re surrounded by a group of chatty friends, tune off from the conversation to gaze into each other’s eyes. Hot damn.


Once you master the above, you can move on to more experimental public kinks, like sex toys. Sex toys come in all sizes, and if you wondering if there are small enough to fit a certain place on the body- there is. Whether you go for vibrating panties, a butt-plug or a teasing clamp, that’s up to you. However, before making it successful, try it a few times in less crowded places, to train yourselves into not responding to it as wildly. 

Sexual Foreplay: Instructions!

While we named a few in the beginning, sexy instructions deserve a validation of their own. Also, they can really work you and your partner up in public. It doesn’t have to be a text, really. Use a lower, more seductive voice to approach your partner and instruct her to masturbate for 5 minutes in the bathroom. Want to make it more interesting? Demand proof of action.

Source: https://blog.ticklekitty.com/2017/10/11/public-foreplay-mild-exhibitionist/

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