10 Sexual Foreplay Ideas to Get Away with In Public (vol. 2)

A healthy sex life is always important to maintain. Aside from increased self-confidence, a quality sexual exploration is great for intimacy, emotional balance and the feel-good factor. Oftentimes, we all like to put the quality of our sexual escapades on hold, when instead, you could be having the time of your life!

Sexual foreplay is the pillar of great sex, so why not make a daily habit out of it? Safe and sexy to do everywhere you go, here are 5 more ways to boost your public naughty play. 

Sexual Foreplay: Flirting!

Unfortunately, as a relationship grows, the intensity of flirting drops. But, there’s no reason to ever put a stop to flirting, even if in a committed relationship. Counted as a big plus among the ladies, public flirting carries an appeal of its own, so make sure you incorporate it more in your outings. Hot humping in the bathroom and erotic looks shooting from the other side of the room? Yes, please. 


Another way to put things into motion publicly is to send naughty snaps with your partner throughout the night. As a suggestion, ask your partner to send a quick snap of her butt. Better yet, send a precise glance of your groin, too!

Sexual Foreplay: A random kiss!

Although a more extreme public play, kissing random people can intensify the spark in your own sexual lives. If your partner is up for some side action, have her kiss someone she doesn’t know at a party. Better yet, have her do it in the street. You can do the same as well, and truthfully, it’s all about comfort and experimenting. It goes without saying, something about kissing a random set of lips can be far sexier than a full-on bedroom play.

Small dares!

Giving each other small and sexy dares in public places can spice things up in the bedroom like a charm. Tiny challenges like ‘Suck on that straw sexually’, or, ‘Wear your skirt pulled up down the street’ can take immediate effect of lust. And trust me, once you share this info with your partner, she’ll definitely come up with saucy dares of her own, too.

Sexual Foreplay: Time issues!

Test your response to sexual stimulation, and explore this risky, yet beyond erotic scenario. The secret is to engage in sexual activity (oral, penetrative, dry-humping, etc.) by giving yourself a limited time in a more public place. For instance, you can get hot and heavy in someone’s yard, before their sprinklers turn on. Or, you can enjoy some fingering while inside a cab. Think beyond what you’ve tried so far.

Source: https://blog.ticklekitty.com/2017/10/11/public-foreplay-mild-exhibitionist/

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