5 Things to Remember When Your Sexy Mood Feels Off!

At one point or another, we have all experienced a low sex drive. Not feeling the need to have sex is not that uncommon, and because we all have it; it is about time we talked about it. Why, on some days, we don’t feel like having sex? How is our partner affected by our behavior? Is there a way to fix a stale sex life?

Regardless of its nature, a low sex drive can be easily fixed when you learn how to approach the situation differently. Below, let’s discuss 5 things to remember whenever you are not feeling excited about having sex.   

Sexy Mood Feels Off: No Hard Feelings!

In relationships, not wanting to have sex will be something your partner will easily understand. Usually, your partner might ask you what your reasons behind this are; and it is always advised you keep the communication honest. Instead of carrying a sense of guilt for not being in the mood for sex; try remembering that some days, your partner is likely feeling just the same.

Other Stimulation

If you are not feeling like having sex, perhaps what you lack is another form of stimulation. How long has it been since you were on a proper date with your partner? How long ago was it when you loosened up and enjoyed the company of your partner without thinking about sex? There are many ways to boost the intimacy with your partner, other than sex, so start there before heading to the bedroom.

Sexy Mood Feels Off: Enthusiasm!

It is not that you can’t have sex even when you don’t feel like it, but having the enthusiasm for it counts. I know, you’d sometimes rather fake it before explaining it; but keep in mind that you will lack the enthusiasm to have sex in the first place. So, unless you want to disappoint your partner with your disinterest; it is best to put off having sex for when you are feeling more excited about it.


Having sex should never be one of those things that you just have to do in a relationship. If you are feeling pressured about it, then perhaps your relationship has been relying on sex more than it needs to. If you wish to maintain a healthy sex life and a growing intimacy; don’t turn to have sex into currency on which your relationship depends.   

Sexy Mood Feels Off: Comparison!

Even if you are struggling with sex stamina, comparing yourself to others won’t do you any good. Different couples have different amounts of sex, at different periods. And just because someone is bragging about it, it doesn’t mean they are being honest with you. But, even if they were, comparing the times you and another couple have had sex will be deteriorating to your relationship.


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