4 Sexy Ways to Use Stockings in the Bedroom!

Fan of stockings, I see? I mean, who isn’t right? For as long as stockings existed, men have drooled over the idea of seeing a woman wearing them during sex. Considered very fancy lingerie, stockings can easily provoke your dirtiest fantasies. But, aside from being sexy footwear, stockings can be used for many other hot purposes.

If you are a creative one and like to take your pleasure up a notch, here are 4 ways to repurpose sexy ways to use stockings in sex.

As a Mouth Gag!

And for this one, you need not even unwrap them! A ball of stockings is a great alternative for a mouth gag. The material is more comfortable, easily breathable, and as far as sexiness is concerned, it gets the job done. On another note, your partner likely has a few pairs to spare, so whenever you are feeling a little naughty, have her wear a lacey one.

Sexy Ways to Use Stockings: As a Bind!

If BDSM is part of your sexy repertoire, you can use stockings as ties for the arms and legs. Whether you tie up your partner, or she gifts you a session of femdom, you’ll find stockings quite handy for creating the scenario. Plus, stockings are gentler on your skin and won’t leave a mark, and they stretch out just enough to create a bit of resistance.

Sexy Ways to Use Stockings: As a Massager!

Fabric is an excellent choice if you are a fan of rich foreplay. Interestingly, stockings are great for stimulating various erogenous zones, including the nipples, the head of the penis, the clitoris, etc. You can create a softer approach and pat the sensitive areas, or you can wrap each end of the stocking around your hands and create an elastic teaser, jumping all over that delicate flesh.

As Part of a Foreplay!

It is amazing what a pair of stockings can do for your sex life. Fans of role-playing can make the most of their partner’s stockings and use them as a mask. Here comes the burglar, ready to snatch its prey! As an alternative, you can also play out a robber-shopper or kidnapper-victim scenario. Aside from a mask, you can also have your partner wear an older pair of stockings that you can rip apart and claim your sexy prize. And the best part about it is that after you have torn the fabric apart, you can treat your partner with a new pair of stockings.

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