4 Top Shower Sex Positions to Give a Try!

If you feel like spicing up your sex life and getting outside the bed, take your shower into consideration. Shower sex is a great way to introduce nuances in your sex game and still get full intimacy with it. Aside from the obvious pleasure shower sex ensures, there is also the effect of running water on your skin.

Under a splash of warm water, sex experts say, our muscles relax and feel soothed- which then contributes to a more comfortable and enjoyable shower sex. At times, many sex-curious couples will find the shower too narrow or too challenging to work in terms of lovemaking.

However, today, we will present you with 4 exceptional shower positions, which can get you the comfort and excitement you want!

Shower Sex: Back It Up!

A variation on the traditional ‘doggy style’, the back-it-up position allows you to sink lower while your partner is supporting herself against a wall. If your shower is tiny, use the corner and adjust to your partner’s height accordingly. For an even more intense feeling, allow your partner to wrap her hands around you, thus controlling your thrusts.

To enrich your play, introduce oil-based shower gels or bring a water-resistant sex toy with you!

The Shower Chair

Not exactly a position but an object, a shower chair can serve as a great sex prop. With a chair to use, you can choose a variety of sex positions, including an improvised missionary, edge-of-the-seat position, and in-your-lap hot action!

The best thing about having a shower chair during sex is the increased intimacy and versatility it enables!

Shower Sex: Leg-Up!

Have your partner lean against the shower wall with you standing between her legs. If needed, you can take one leg out to the side. Lift one of your partner’s legs (we advise the more flexible one!), and engage in penetration. While standing face to face, don’t forget to shower your partner with kisses and soft bites on the neck…and we mean no pun by it.

If you have the space, you can use a small shelf on the wall (or use the toilet shell!), so your partner can lift her leg and enjoy an even deeper penetration.

Laying Down!

Not quite a shower scenario, laying down is a great way to have shower sex if you have a bathtub. Of course, if you are willing to drop to the floor and lie on the tiles, go for it! Otherwise, a foamy tub will get you a step closer to that mind-blowing orgasm you needed!

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