Swinging Advise?

Is Swinging Your Kind of Thing? Let’s Find Out!

Ah, swinging.

Still, even if you are considering it, you can learn all about swinging below, where we list the pros and cons, the how-tos and the rules that come with the act itself.

Types of open relationship!

Swinging is exciting as a concept, but what’s more interesting is that not all types of swingers are the same. As a wider term, swinging can involve anything from orgies, anal sex, and mix-and-match scenarios. To get properly informed on what you’re getting yourself into, here are the types of swinging you should know about.

Soft Swap

Soft swap is ideal for couples who have been together for a long time or have tied the knot, but still, want to have fun and be playful with others. Soft swap can involve blowjobs, kisses, finger play, hand-jobs and else, excluding physical sex.  If you are beginners in the entire affair, this is your ideal scenario to start.

Hard Swap

The name says it all – a swinging session that includes it all, even actual sex. Here, you should discuss rules and boundaries with your partner and the other couple, just so no jealousy or misunderstandings get in the way.


Lifestyle refers to open relationship done regularly, where couples belong to an unofficial community of swingers. Here, you can basically swap couples, fill out a spot in long-distance relationships, and even experience some guy-on-guy action. Again, it is all about boundaries and curiosity, so don’t exclude this type just yet.


Community swinging is where you go to learn the art of becoming a proper swinger. Here, it is all about socializing within a limited community, where the intimacy is still existent and where relationships turn to friendships, based on sexual and non-sexual activities.

The Benefits of Swinging

To be fair, open relationship, can seem extreme to some but comes with plenty of benefits. Some of the most relevant include:

  • Improved communication for you and your partner.
  • Increased respect for your partner and likeminded individuals.
  • Greater sex life and boosted chemistry. 
  • Better intimacy and increased trust between you and your partner. 
  • Stress relief and a sense of togetherness for yourself and your partner.

The Downsides of Swinging

On the counterpart, some of the possible disadvantages of swinging include:

  • Change of rules, depending on the scenario.
  • Emotional attachment to other parties. 
  • Doing it with the wrong couple, just for the sake of doing it.

Hey, well, swinging is a fetish all on its own, and if you’re not feeling like it, we get it! But, if the thought keeps bugging your mind, perhaps it is time to give this unusual and stimulating adventure the benefit of the doubt!

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