5 Practical Tips for the Best Sex of Your Life!

What does it take to make magic happen in the bedroom? Aside from creativity, newness, and experimenting, sex is also about being mindful, present and in tune. And while there is plenty to discuss on the topic of having great sex, there is also something to be said about the unspoken rules of sex.

Here are 5 of the most practical tips to help you significantly improve your bedroom game and have best sex of your life!

Pee before Having Sex

It goes without saying, keeping your bladder full during sex can sometimes be uncomfortable and unbearable. Also to avoid infections, peeing before going at it will save you unpleasant stinging and possible UTIs.

Best Sex of Your Life: Come Prepared!

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to assume someone will come unprepared for safe sex. But why take the risk anyway? Don’t rely on your partner to take the pill regularly but instead, bring your own protection and always be careful before the big finish. Unexpected pregnancies do happen, people.

Never Skip Foreplay

Foreplay is oftentimes the more enjoyable part of sex. Before you go for penetration, remember that all women need a bit more stimulation than you do. Whether it is nipple play, oral or soft bondage, the power of foreplay almost overshadows the actual sex-having. Truth be told, with so many toys, oils, bonds and similar accessories available for you to play with, why would you want to skip foreplay at all?

Stop If Your Partner Changes Her Mind!

A woman changing her mind in the midst of sex is just as plausible as a man doing the same. However, if you are up for it, but your partner suddenly feels like stopping, follow her lead. For whatever reason it might be, respecting someone’s discomfort during sex is important, and so is stopping midway through. Remember, she’s not pulling one for the team, but one for herself.

And if you happen to be the one wanting to call it quits for the night, you have every right to do so, too

Best Sex of Your Life: Keep an Open Mind!

Neither men nor women are as outspoken about their fantasies, which doesn’t mean they don’t have them. However, instead of holding it in, it is best you use your fantasies as a tactic to enrich your sexual dates even more. Whenever sex gets dull, don’t be afraid to trade ideas with your partner and bring something new to the table, may it be a blindfold or a butt plug. You get the idea.

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