Things Men Get Wrong During Sex!

There are no clear likes and dislikes for sex…everyone simply does it and wants it differently. However, things men get wrong during sex, tend to listen less than they do, and this can lead to sexual frustration in their partner. For women, sex is all about intimacy, connecting and feeling desirable.

But, even so, there are simply plenty of ways you can take an unwanted detour in bed. To prevent this, it is relevant you read your woman like the palm of your hand. And to do just that, here are the 5 things women don’t particularly care during sex.

1. Where’s the Foreplay?

Lads, if you want your woman wet and hot for you, you’ll have to put in the work. Sure, a nice quickie doesn’t do anyone any harm, but why not take the time to worship your partner if you can? Ultimately, a good foreplay and commitment in the bedroom can get you a more fruitful sex…so why are you not doing it?  

2. Things Men Get Wrong During Sex: Self-Consciousness!

Women generally hate to feel self-conscious around a man they find sexually attractive. To make sure you never do no wrong between the sheets, allow your woman to shine in bed. This means you need to save those snarky comments on her post-delivery body or the fact that she gained a few pounds. Think of it this way- would you like being criticized for your size? Didn’t think so.

3. Excessive Self-Indulgence

Many men tend to replace maturation for sex in the sense that they feel it is all about them. Of course, no one wants to be neglected, but only working for your own pleasure will get you nowhere. If your lady wants to change position-do it. If she need a particular stimulation to orgasm- provide it. Once you are there for her, we guarantee you- she will gladly reciprocate.

4. Things Men Get Wrong During Sex: Orgasm Questions!

We get it, a woman’s orgasm matter! But, treating a woman’s orgasm as your scale of successful sex is wrong. What is also wrong and unnecessary is asking your partner gazillion questions about it. Sure, you can ask whether she orgasmed or not, but try to understand that sex without an orgasm can also be brilliant for women. And, instead of asking, try listening to directions more. Wink, wink.

5. Like They Do It in Porn Movies

Porn movies can be a great way to spice up things behind closed doors. However, porn movies are a bit outdated to practice in the bedroom. What that woman inside your bed needs are not your ‘show-off’ moves, but your attention, devotion and a dose of intimacy.


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